Here are few things to think about after you’ve received your final images.

The first thing is you want to consider creating your own backup, because computers fail, discs fail, things get moved around and lost all the time. Trust me, I know, because people are always contacting me to see if I still have their images.

Feeling overwhelmed with so many great photos? Many times I find people are not used to dealing with a lot of photographs and when they see all the photographs that I’ve taken they feel overwhelmed. I tend to overshoot, and the reason I overshoot is because I want to make everyone happy, so I tend to shoot everything. I find that clients feel the need to sort photos, but the truth is you really don’t need to. You just simply select the photos you want to use. If you feel the need you can create a small favorites folder, that might be helpful. I also find people feel like they need to erase photos that they’re not planning to use and the truth is unless you truly don’t want to see a particular photo ever again there’s no reason to delete anything.

If you’re one of those people that want something tangible you can have all the images printed as 4x6 and edit them that way. Before making enlargements I almost always print smaller sizes to see if I’m going to like the larger images. If you still feel stressed or confused please give me a call and we can schedule a time for you to come in and we can edit the photos together.

As far as printing photos I’ve spent a lot of time calibrating and color correcting photos. Knowing the amount of time I put into my editing process there is nothing that breaks my heart more than to see beautiful photos I’ve taken and edited printed poorly. There are several reasons why prints turn out poorly like the lab equipment could be failing, they could be using old chemicals, old paper; but the most common reason is that the lab has printed the photos using an AutoCorrect feature. AutoCorrect works the same way as Auto Exposure, basically, it tries to make every in a photograph fit into the same box. A typical example would be a photograph of people on a bright sunny day sitting on the green grass, because of Auto Correct the image will have a magenta cast and will be darkened. The best way to avoid this is to ask the lab to print your photos with the AutoCorrect turned off. Also, keep in mind that I do offer print services.


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