Finding a Professional Photographer can be tricky. here are some great tips to guide you. 


  • Hire a professional photographer.


  • You need to look at a photographer’s portfolio and love most, if not all, of their work. Stay away from photographers that overly retouch or photoshop their images.


  • Read the photographer's Yelp reviews. Yelp is an uncensored resource for reviews. Yelp does not allow businesses to take down bad reviews.


  • Know who will be photographing you before you sign a contract. Trust me. You’re smart enough to hire your own photographer... you don’t need anyone else to do it for you. Be careful of baiting switches.


  • Find out about their formal training. Did they go to school for photography?


  • Ask how long they’ve been shooting weddings.


  • Ask about professional backup gear. Do they bring a backup for their backup?


  • Ask how they save the photos after the session.


  • Ask how long before you get your final images, the total cost and everything else you can imagine…then ask again!


I’ve been in business since 2004. I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography. I got into photographing people because I wanted to take great photos of my friends because. As a professional photographer I know I have to be prepared for anything, which is why I always carry backup gear. After a session, I download all the images to two external hard drives, two computers, an online gallery, and a disc. I have a 5-star rating on Yelp because I get involved with my clients.



Sara Jordan Photography

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