With so many online applications almost everyone needs a great headshot. I’ve been hired to take headshots for real estate agents, CEOs, mortgage brokers, doctors, motivational speakers, lawyers more than I can count but I also get hired to shoot headshots for LinkedIn profiles, blogs,  

There is a lot to consider even though we’re only photographing your head and shoulders. First, it is important to consider your brand or message that you are trying to convey when planning your clothing and background for a headshot session. You should be well groomed and polished, I always advise the people bring hair care products and makeup to touch up during the shoot.

You want to choose clothes that complement you. The clothing should fit perfectly and be freshly pressed. Typically you want to stay away from busy patterns, bright colors and words with text. I also find less is more when it comes to accessories and jewelry, you really don’t want anything to take away from you. If you can’t decide what to wear bring options to the session. I find I really like when my subjects clothing and the background match, I find it really makes the subject the focus.

With unlimited choices all Backgrounds fall under two different categories you have environmental (places like beach, park) and you have in-studio both situations have their benefits. I find studio sessions tend to look more professional, you have the option of professional studio lighting and you can control the background. Session on location tends to reflect more of a life style brand.

For studio sessions, I will set up professional lighting and a background of your choice. During the session, I will tether the camera and the computer so that you can get a preview of your images before the session ends. The session will not be over until we feel you that you have exactly what you need. Regardless of the type of session, you choose I will edit all the images and apply some minor retouching. After the editing process is done I will typically deliver your final full resolution images within two business days. The images will be delivered in any manner that works for you. I can put the images on an online gallery where they can be shared with anyone you choose. If an online gallery doesn’t work for you I can deliver the files on a thumb drive or a disc.

Typically when I photograph anyone I take a quick assessment of their physical attributes in order to photograph them in a way that is going to capture them looking their best. For an example, it is very common for someone to have one eye that is bigger than the other and by head positioning, I find you can even out his or her eyes.

For in-studio sessions, I charge $300, for on location sessions I charge $400. These prices are based on headshot sessions for one person. For headshot sessions for multiple people please contact me.

What is included in a headshots session…


  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • Camera tethered to laptop so you get preview of the images before the session ends
  • An online gallery that can be shared with multiple people
  • All the Full resolution files from the session
  • A copyright release
  • I have several background options to choose from
  • Pricing packages tailored to your needs
  • Minor retouching
  • On Location services available


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